Rod's Bio

I love wood. Among many loves and passions past and present, wood is second only to wife and family. From an early age I was taught to revere wood as my father spent many years as a custom gun stock maker. I sanded gunstocks between coats of finish and witnessed the rebirth of the walnut tree that bore these works of art. Fortunately, I had passionate shop teachers in junior high school. graphic arts opened new doors as I learned to develop black and white film empowering a life long love of photography. Wood shop taught shop skills and machine knowledge and respect. Drafting a sense of design and logic in imagery. These classes and home work ethic have shaped my life.

After spending thirty years involved in wood from house builder to cabinet maker to woodworker, I always seek the greatest solace from the wood itself. A local young man who is a woodturning prodigy tutored me in bowl turning in january or 2006 and I have been bowl crazy since. The process from cutting down the tree to cutting it open to turning it into a bowl that will outlast its maker is very gratifying.

I am a passionate son, husband, father, fly fisherman, photographer, bmw motorcycle rider, and woodworker among many other assorted and sundry things of less importance.

It is my sincere desire that you enjoy this website which is now another part of our lives.

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