The shop is a sanctuary. It is quiet when all else is in turmoil. It is purposeful when all else is aimless. Cool when hot and easy to heat when cold. It was a barn sadly in need of repair and was rebuilt to be strong, expansive, and proud of its new found use. It is a gathering place for like minded souls as well as a place of wonder to those without sawdust in their veins.There is a phone out of neccessity, although, seldom used. It is as important as our home and one of the reasons we built and live where we do.

The machines are industrial and built to last lifetimes as are the products they produce. They have been aquired over a long period of time by my dad and myself and some are unique and unusual. Many evenings and weekends speed past within these walls. There are more shop and machine photos in the gallery.

Thank you for looking and for your interest.